Monday, December 22, 2014

Hello! (14 December 2014)

Hi, People. 

It is freezing! My bones hurt. Not really I am fine. Don't worry. I have a really fluffy coat. Ha. 

I don't have nearly as funny stories as last week. But I was walking next to an old man, and was about to start talking to him. But he started to flatulate quite loudly about three times. I curled over in laughter. It was kinda sad though because the laughter kept me from being able to talk to him. Hahaha. 

What else? I ate a turkey dinner again. The Americans in our ward made 2 big turkeys for the Christmas devotional. The first time I ever had turkey and kimchi together. It was great! We will have kimchi at all Thanksgivings for the rest of my life. 

We had an investigator and a less active that hasn't been at church in 4 years there. We had a really good meeting with the less active member afterwards. He was one of our miracles last week. 

I forgot to tell a different funny story last week. Our investigator that randomly called us last week... When we were teaching him to pray, he kept asking how to say it in English. Which was weird because he hadn't mentioned anything about English up to that point. And he kept saying it out loud and practicing. So I asked him why. He said that He didn't feel like Jesus could speak Korean so he had to pray in English because He wasn't Korean. So I told him by that logic He doesn't speak English either. Hahaha. He just prayed in Korean. 

My companion bought a sweater that makes him look like he is from Star Trek. He goes home to the mothership in 25 days. 

We went caroling this week. It was really interesting. To stand in front of a bunch of people, as 6 missionaries. 5 of which are foreigners. And sing about Christ. These aren't just Christmas songs. These are songs that literally testify explicitly of the birth of our Savior. I don't think I would ever scream on a street about the Savior. But I will certainly sing of Him. It was interesting how bold we are able to be with song. And how it can act as a conduit of the spirit. I certainly felt the spirit as we were singing. I felt closer to my Savior. 

But I love you all. Keep me in your prayers!

Elder Renfroe
렌프로 장로 

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