Monday, October 6, 2014

Hello! (28 September 2014)

Sorry I didn't get to write anything last week! I didn't have much time and our email times have been really weird lately. Today I had to email really late because of a leadership meeting.
This week was kind of a hard week. But we got through it. We are still meeting with some good people and it has been good. 

We had a really good meeting today. We are focusing on the gospel of Jesus Christ this month. But specifically on enduring to the end. We talked about seeing the end from the beginning. It is a really interesting concept. And about feeling successful even if we don't see results. The medical advisor missionaries came and visited us from Tokyo. One of the sister's shared her conversion story. She met missionaries when she was 14. Before she met them for the first time, she remembers seeing the missionaries on the street before they entered her neighborhood and everyone hiding and acting like they weren't home. She would hide under the bed and in the closet or whatever. But one time she was home alone. And without even thinking, she went to the door. And she saw it was the missionaries. She paused in fear. Hahaha. They saw her and now she felt like she had to answer the door. Anyways she let them in and they taught her about the restoration of the church. She felt it was true and was excited to learn more. They agreed to meet again. But when her parents got home, she was all excited to tell them about the wonderful things she had learned. Her parents said... I hope you didn't invite them back. She lied and said she didn't. Fearing her parents would get upset. Anyways those missionaries did come back, but they weren't home. She never saw those missionaries again. She only met them for those 15 minutes. Doesn't remember their faces or names. They know nothing about what has happened in her life, that she was baptized 5 years later after asking her parents 5 times. But the point is this. We never know the end from the beginning. And we won't be able to. The important thing is not the results that we see. But simply the good that is done. 

We met a man that believes he is the Emperor of America. He is cray cray. He said he is the blood father of all LDS missionaries. He also wrote an epistle to our church saying that he wants to retranslate the Korean Bible and is planning to establish our church in North Korea. 

I also got spit on this week while I was running in the morning. But it was an accident. Ha. 

I met a Swiss German dude who is pretty sick. A Norwegian guy. A guy from the United Arab Eremites. I meet so many Muslims. They are such good people! And I also meet lots of Koreans. 

Anyways! I love you all! Keep me in your prayers! 

Elder Renfroe

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