Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Hello! (12 October 2014)

This week was pretty crazy! But it was pretty good as well. 
Our investigator didn't get baptized yet. But I still think he will. He sent us a text that said "I want to be baptized."  But his back hurts a lot and he is having a really hard time right now, so It didn't work out this weekend. But hopefully sometime soon. 
We watched conference this last weekend and we had a little breakfast beforehand on Saturday morning. It was really good. I made a French toast casseroly thing and biscuits and sausage gravy, and lots of other stuff. An American guy in our ward provided many of the ingredients, but we prepared it all. It felt like America! Hahaha. 
Also, another one of our investigators took us out for dinner. It was really nice and filling. He bought us so much food! He is a really nice guy. His wife has passed away and his only daughter lives in France married to a Frenchman. We found out all of this at dinner. Ha. But he seems to be progressing very well, and has made some really good friends in the ward. 
My companion is being transferred and I am getting someone I already know and actually is already in the same area as me, he is just going to be my companion now. Ha. Anyways. His name is Elder Thompson. He is slightly taller than me, or the same height if I stand up correctly. Not sure which. Ha. And skinnier than me. These are his last two transfers, so if I am with him until he goes home, I will have 2 transfers left at that point. Ha. I have 24 weeks left! 
This morning I studied a few things, but something that stood out to me was a scripture in Matthew 11:28-30. Most people know it. But it gives instruction on how to find rest from our labors. Relief to those that are are heavy laden. I definitely feel that way sometimes. But His invitation is to take His yoke upon us. Take upon us His purposes and work with Him. I don't imagine that we would pull His yoke alone. But that He would be there with us. And we learn of Him. As we step side by side with the Savior and do what He would do. That is how we find rest from our labors and relieve our heavy burdens. We learn of Him. 
But anyways. I love you all! Keep me in your prayers!
렌프로 장로

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