Monday, August 18, 2014

Helllo! (10 August 2014)

It rained a lot yesterday. Drenchedness abounded. Hahaha. The other Elders in my house got the umbrella completely destroyed in the wind. It was great!
The weather should be good in a month... But until then... Hahahaha.
I make delicious Korean food. Hahaha. I can still brag about that.
One of our investigators is English. But he is Korean. But he is also English. He is really cool. Basically he has lived in Korea for a collective 5 years of his life and lived in England for 20. So yeah. He is an Englishman with an accent and all but looks like a Korean. Apparently he can't handle spicy things either. I am more Korean than him. But he is great.
I don't have a whole lot of time today! But I love you all. All of you. Hahahaha.
I like studying about fear lately. It is the opposite of faith. So if we have faith, we shouldn't have any fear, right? So if we love Him and trust Him, the fear goes away, right? Haha. I get to practice it all day. Some people are scary. Especially foreigners! I am so bold to Koreans. But I get scared out of my mind talking to foreigners. They are mean here! Hahaha. There are foreigners all over the place here. All over! So I have to talk to them now. I am relearning English because of it. Ha.
I have no time!!!!!!!
Ok bye!!
 Love you all
렌프로 장로

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