Monday, July 28, 2014

Hello, America! (27 July 2014)

I am in the middle of Seoul. It is a party all the time. Lots of college students and lots of foreigners. 

It is really weird! Completely new world. There are two American families in our ward. We see American adults all the time, but my mind was blown to see all these American blonde-haired kids running around. The first thing that comes to mind when I talk to them is this.... "You are soo good at English!!" Hahaha. It is crazy how well children speak their languages. 

We went to an American family's house and had dinner the other day. I had ranch for the first time in maybe 16 months? Hidden Valley! Hahaha. It was ok. Ha. And pasta for the first time in awhile, too. It was delicious and all in English. It was great. Hahaha. 

We have an investigator with a date to get baptized. He is really great. He is really interested and is progressing well. He had surgery for a slipped disk awhile ago, so his back is hurting a lot, which makes meeting with us pretty hard right now. But he is great. 

We have another investigator from China who is wonderful as well. He is the cutest thing on the planet. He reminds me of one of those monkeys with cymbals. Hahahaha. And the ward is just great. It seems like it will be really great to serve here. I am excited. 

It is really great to have the Temple here. I can just feel its power. We met a 20-year-old kid and walked with him to the Temple and spoke to him there for a while. I could just feel the power of the Restoration of the Gospel and the spirit of our message. It is just beautiful to have its presence. 

I have been studying the Book of Mormon a little more sequentially lately and have been loving it. It is wonderful how deeply personal the Spirit of the Lord can teach through words inspired of God. It is interesting how it is not the words, but the guiding influence of the spirit which takes our limited ability and expands it. Shows us things we couldn't have known otherwise. 

I love you all!! Keep me in your prayers!

렌프로 장로

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